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      • 2008

        XD MOULD was founded in 2008 as a machining shop and its primary business was parts & components machining in the start-up stage for customers overseas. It was where the company started and has built its excellent reputation and highly customer recognition initially.


        With 5 years’ effort of the team,XD MOULD extended its business into the current 25,000 square-foot air-conditioned facility with over 60 employees.The company expanded its services into mould & product design, mould making and plastic moulding,benefiting its valued customers with one-stop-shopping approach. XD MOULD routinely makes over 200 sets of moulds for customers all around the world every year.

        Today and Future

        Now XD MOULD has gained better value, not only because the entrance of the young family forces,but the investments in new high quality technology machinery every year. The company is well done to satisfy its customers in each part of the process: design,injection mould making,plastic moulding and the whole project quality control. And its ongoing pursuit is to develop long term partnership with customers, do its best to exceed customers’ expectations, grow and develop with all customers in the future.

      Why Choose US

      Excellent Reputation And Highly Customer Recognition.

      Top priority
      Customers are our greatest assets. Without them, we do not exist. Therefore customer satisfaction and service will always be our top priority at all levels.
      30+ years of experience
      With over 30 years of engineering and project management experience, Harry Lau, the boss of XD MOULD has abundant expertise and experience in mould solutions, and totally understands customers’ cares & needs and know-how in the injection mould industry. To succeed our job perfectly and gain better satisfaction, Harry dedicates to every project at XD MOULD, working alongside with the next generation of engineers,tool makers and managers, giving our customers highly personal attention.
      One-stop solution with best price
      Thanks to our skilled, talented and engaged employees ,and having fully equipped advanced facilities, we are able to offer one stop solutions: parts & components machining, design and engineering, mould making, mould trial, plastic moulding, packing and shipping. Every steps of your project is under one roof, ensuring better control of quality, schedule and cost.
      Focus on quality
      Quality is a mindset. At XD MOULD, quality is everyone’s responsibility and we never have to stop getting better. Our people are our most valuable resource. We don’t just hire good technicians,we hire good people we can count on. And those good people need good tools to create the quality products. At XD MOULD, we continually invest in the latest technology & equipment, and constantly improve our quality management system to pursue better quality.
      Prompt response
      Customer service and satisfaction are our top priority. One of the most important things for customer service is prompt response to customers’ concerns and offering efficient solutions as fast as possible. At XD MOULD, Quotation will be offered within 24 hours. For the matters that takes time discussing, we will offer the quotation within 2 days after serious checking. Each feedback will be given the attention it deserves and be responded efficiently.
      On time delivery
      Quality with timely delivery is vital to maintain a good customer relationship. Every project we quote is enclosed with the realizable delivery date. If we couldn’t do the job, we will tell the truth before the project. We are not just order takers, we take ourselves as problem solvers. Once the the project begins, we will arrange our work strictly with customer’s schedule need and requirement, and ensure on time delivery as we promised.